Terrapass is expanding its pioneering portfolio by giving customers the chance to control their carbon offsets.   

The Terrapass Coin Initiative is a brand-new digital coin for people and businesses to offset carbon emissions. The coins can be held, gifted, or redeemed to finance several carbon offset plans.   

The Terrapass Coin uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to bring 100% transparency to the carbon offset world. It’s a simple, safe, and secure digital method to help reduce carbon emissions. 

Why Would I Want a Terrapass Coin? 

The question is more, why wouldn’t you? Terrapass Coins are here to give everyone control over their carbon offsetting.   

Technological advances mean we can now offer complete accountability over carbon offsetting. We know our products go under strict, independent vetting procedures, and the coins add an extra layer of transparency.   

With our coins, you can buy a quantifiable amount of carbon offsetting and choose when to use it. Coin holders can track their coins from purchase to delivery or gift them to someone else.  

Buy, trade, sell, or hold them; you are in control.   

Digital coins offer security and openness — you can make a positive impact with confidence — bringing you closer to your green credentials. Coins bring connection and a one-on-one relationship.  

What Carbon Offset Programs Does Terrapass Coin Support? 

Terrapass Coins will support our work in removing carbon from the environment. We do this through programs such as reforestation and methane capture on farms, landfill sites, and abandoned coal mines.   

A single Terrapass Coin is equivalent to one metric ton (mT) of carbon offset; each metric ton of carbon offset destroys an equal metric ton of greenhouse gases. Each coin is the same as avoiding more than 2,500 miles of driving.    

The coins will add another layer to our carbon offset projects’ transparency, verification, and quality. But don’t just take our word for it: a range of independent agencies will track everything we do on the blockchain.  

How Much Do Terrapass Coins Cost? 

We have three Terrapass Coin plans, each one tailored to different needs.   

First Steps Plan ($15/month)   

Receive 1 Terrapass Coin monthly 
Offset 12 metric tons of carbon emissions a year 
Equivalent to planting 190 trees a year 
Covers the average U.S. individual’s home energy and driving emissions  

Zero-Footprint Plan ($30/month)   

Receive 2 Terrapass Coins monthly 
Offset 24 metric tons of carbon emissions a year 
Equivalent to planting 390 trees a year 
Covers the average U.S. individual’s home energy, driving, food, air travel, waste, and more  

Climate Restore Plan ($45/month)   

Receive 3 Terrapass Coins monthly 
Offset 36 metric tons of carbon emissions a year 
Equivalent to planting 590 trees a year 
Covers more than the average U.S. individual’s typical lifestyle  

Subscriptions are only available to U.S. residents. 

Is a Terrapass Coin a Physical Coin? 


We’ve designed digital Terrapass Coins to provide an open and flexible way to manage carbon offsets. These digital coins have no physical form. One coin is equivalent to one metric ton (mT) of carbon offsets.   

The coins are available via the widely recognized blockchain system Ethereum. All Terrapass Coin transactions will be independently monitored.   

We’re using a blockchain system to make every dollar invested into Terrapass Coins visible on a publicly available ledger. Accountability is what has driven us to create the Terrapass Coin.   

Our coin is not actually a coin or part of a cryptocurrency, but instead is a token called an ERC-20 token. These tokens are a digital representation of a Terrapass Coin. 

Why Should I Trust an ERC-20 Token? 

ERC-20 tokens are stored on the Ethereum blockchain system but do not go up and down in value like cryptocurrencies. Our ERC-20 token can be stored, sent to other people, or sent to finance carbon offset programs.   

The great thing about blockchain and ERC-20 tokens is that every transaction is visible, giving transparency to our carbon offset program.   

That doesn’t mean security is compromised, because blockchain offers super-tight protection. You’ll have an unbreakable password and a personal digital wallet so only you can control your coins.   

And here’s the clever bit about blockchain and public digital assets. All our Terrapass Coins will be sitting in the digital equivalent of a bank vault. The difference is that the bank vault walls are transparent — basically, anyone can see in and count the coins at any time.   

However, to move or use a coin, a wallet holder must input both their wallet identifier and their unbreakable password, a lot like many websites.  

People looking into the digital vault can see the coins and any coin movements — including where coins have been sent — but they can’t interfere. All coins can be identified and traced. 

 Your coins are entirely safe and can only be moved by someone who holds the digital wallet and related password.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Terrapass Coins?  

Terrapass Coins work similarly to a gift voucher or donation. But blockchain’s transparency and security take carbon offsets to another level. Everyone can see the proof that you are offsetting your carbon footprint.   

The coins you’ve bought are visible publicly, and if you gift coins to someone or redeem them to offset carbon, everyone can see those movements, too. We’ll also post quarterly updates so you can keep track or show someone your coin’s status.   

The great thing about Terrapass Coins is that you decide what to do with the carbon offsets and when. Is someone you know taking lots of flights? You can give them carbon offsets using the coins.   

Do you want people to know your business is committed to carbon offsetting? When you buy Terrapass Coins, they’re there for all to view in that virtual, see-through bank vault. 

What Can I Do With My Terrapass Coins? 


Terrapass Coins represent a certain amount of money that in turn equates to carbon offsets.   

You can:   

Keep them securely on Ethereum’s blockchain 
Transfer or gift them to someone else’s digital wallet 
Retire them  

Before retirement, coins sit in the vault, awaiting use. Only retired Terrapass Coins release the coin’s value to carbon offset projects. All retired coins are taken out of circulation.    

Think about the coins as a voucher or certificate hanging on your office or home wall. Everyone can see a voucher or certificate, but what does it mean? When was it purchased, and what happened to the money?   

With a Terrapass Coin, you publicly demonstrate your commitment to carbon offsetting. Terrapass Coins give 100% transparency and validity – anyone can check the voucher or certificate on the blockchain. 

How Do I Buy Terrapass Coins? 

Another benefit to Terrapass Coins is that they introduce you to exciting blockchain technology.   

It doesn’t take long to get up and running, so you can buy Terrapass Coins quickly and easily. The basic steps are these:   

Choose your Terrapass Coin plan, and sign up. 
Check your email for the following stages. 
Set up an ERC-20 (Ethereum) token-compatible wallet if you don’t have one. 
Link your wallet and Terrapass account.  

Find more information about the process in our Frequently Asked Questions. 

How Do I Get a Digital Wallet? 

We offer lots of information about how digital wallets work and how to obtain one.  

A digital wallet is like your standard, real-world wallet, but in digital form.   

You can have a digital wallet on your cell phone, desktop, website, or even a USB drive. The wallet shows what digital cash or tokens you own and allows you to store and send tokens to any other digital wallet.   

Private keys, or passwords, keep your tokens secure and are required to authorize any transaction, much like online banking. 

Do I Have to Pay Any Fees on the Blockchain? 

Whenever you make a transaction on the blockchain, there is a small fee to pay; on Ethereum, these are called “‘gas fees.” You pay them in Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, called ETH.   

We’ll give you some ETH to help with your first gas fees. After that, you’ll need to add some ETH to your digital wallet to pay any further fees. 

Are There Other Ways to Carbon Offset With Terrapass? 

We’ll continue to offer our classic carbon offset plans.   

There are many options for individuals and businesses, from monthly subscriptions to offsetting flight emissions to gifts. There are fully customizable one-off purchases, too.   

Rest assured, all Terrapass offset programs are independently verified to deliver the best quality carbon offsetting.   

Please note: We cannot change a current Terrapass subscription to a Terrapass Coin subscription. To switch, you need to cancel the existing Terrapass subscription first, and then sign up for a Terrapass Coin subscription. 

Terrapass Coins Represent the Future of Carbon Offsets 

Technology offers us more and more control of various aspects of our lives. Long gone are the days of mailing a check to a company and assuming they put your money to good use.   

We’re confident our independently verified carbon offset projects are industry leaders. Now you have the power to control how you participate in those offsets through the absolute transparency of our Terrapass Coin, thanks to blockchain and the digital world.   

Buying Terrapass Coins is a win-win: irrefutable online proof backed by our adherence to stringent real-world regulations. Together, we’ll ensure the environment gets the honest protection it deserves. 

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