In the past 3 months sales of CERs on CTX has skyrocketed– both in the CDM Registry and for CTX CERs (located outside the CDM Registry, in one of the National Registries).  As of 29th November, the average Transaction for CDM CERs is over 50,000 credits and for CTX CERs is over 100,000 per trade, despite the range of trades are from micro 100 credits to multiple excess of 250,000 credits.

Prices have been rapidly rising, with recent trades around $2.50 – $3.00 for credits which were under $1.00 only 3-4 months ago (and as low as under $0.50 cents a year ago) – although we do also have buyers for rarer high-end charismatic Cookstoves CERs listed at a premium price over $6.

This is partly due to the global ‘shortage’ of Verra VCS and Gold Standard credits. Although CTX has sold over $20 million of Verra VCS and Gold Standard credits in recent months, the global impact of the increased demand and reduced supply has led to a significant rise in the prices of these credits. This has opened a unique opportunity for the CER project / credit owners to sell at scale to genuine 3rd party offset buyers via CTX. This month we had over $5 million worth of cash funded orders, which we struggled to fulfill as our inventory has been selling as fast as we could list it.

Your CDM CERs can be listed on CTX directly from the CDM Registry, and CERs outside the CDM Registry can be transferred from any National Registry account worldwide, Escrowed, and sold. Both options are at no cost to list for CTX Members!

CTX gets paid for a result – i.e., 5% of the proceeds of the sale of your credits.

Large Volumes of Verra VCS are expected by many to flood the market next year, so take the opportunity for an early Christmas present to yourselves and sell your CERs on CTX today!

And our gift? – New CTX Members Quote Discount Code: CTXmas to get $300 off the CTX joining fee until December 31st.

For more information email of click on the link below.

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