Endaoment is constantly looking for new ways to build effective crypto philanthropy solutions. From listening to their donors and organizations, they know that cryptocurrency holders need a straightforward, affordable way to give digital assets to their favorite causes, and that nonprofits need a low-cost, approachable means of accepting these gifts.

Carbonfund.org Foundation is now equipped to receive crypto-backed donations directly via Endaoment. When visiting a deployed organization’s profile on Endaoment, you’ll notice a new “Donate Now” button. This allows crypto holders to contribute ETH or any ERC-20 token directly to their favorite nonprofits via our battle-tested giving platform. Assets on other blockchains such as Bitcoin, Filecoin, and Helium, can also be gifted directly Over The Counter.

Further emphasizing Endaoment’s focus on throughput, gifts made via Direct Donation are unrestricted. This allows recipient nonprofits to allocate funds where they are most needed. (Donors may continue to designate gifts from DAFs and Community Funds to a specific purpose or program.)

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Endaoment feels strongly that this philanthropic crypto off-ramp should operate as a Public Good Infrastructure. They have never billed nonprofits for their services, and this isn’t changing now. As described above, donors pay a 1.5% fee, which covers our operational expenses.

For nonprofits receiving Endaoment Grants with a U.S. bank account, they’ll continue deducting the $15 wire fee charged per withdrawal by our financial institution. Transfers made to nonprofits with existing crypto wallets remain completely free.

With the launch of Direct Donations, Endaoment is furthering its mission of building the most affordable, efficient, and rewarding pathways from crypto to social impact, and this is still only the beginning.

With help from their donors, Endaoment is continuing to develop new tax advantageous crypto giving strategies, and are looking forward to welcoming a new legion of nonprofits into the crypto philanthropy world.

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