Amplify was born out of a vision to create something that could tackle climate change at scale. As a team of technology and environmental enthusiasts, we knew that technology would be the key to creating something powerful enough that could drive large scale change. And so we began…

After two years of building, refining, and everything in between, Amplify was born.

We realized that our planet’s greatest resources in the fight against climate change were the individuals and organizations already leading by example. We call them the changemakers – the conscious shoppers, the sustainable brands, and the climate cause organizations. We wondered, what if we could empower them further to do even more good?

And that’s exactly what we did. We created something that brings together our world’s changemakers, takes the good they are already doing, and amplifies it. We created something that can do good at scale. We created Amplify. Foundation is excited to partner with Amplify as one of their climate charities. Every $10 donation made by Amplify is used to purchase and retire one carbon credit, which reduces one metric tonne of CO2 emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, this is equivalent to removing the emissions from approximately 2,500 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle or 113 gallons of gasoline consumed or about 1,100 pounds of coal burned. It’s also equivalent to about one month of an average individual’s annual carbon footprint.

By bringing together a community of changemakers and accelerating their positive impact, Amplify is creating a powerful, collective force that amplifies our response to climate change.

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