Every year Earth Day is observed around the world on April 22nd. Carbonfund.org Foundation is committed to the ideals Earth Day stands for and is celebrating all of April as Earth Month. The mission of Earth Day is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Carbonfund.org is offering special Earth Month promotions including a tree planting match where your generosity will go twice as far. We also have a special monthly rate on select carbon offset options.

Earth Day began on April 22nd, 1970 and is seen as the birth of the modern environmental movement. The first Earth Day mobilized 20 million Americans to call for increased protections on our environment. What started as organized protests on college campuses soon grew into an international movement involving over 190 countries and reaching one billion people worldwide. After more than five decades Earth Day continues to inspire people around the globe to call for governmental action and to do their part to fight climate change.

NASA recently released a stunning graphic showing global temperatures between 1880 and 2021. The data is clear, the two decades since the dawn of the new millennium are the hottest on record for at least a century. Global temperatures are unquestionably trending in the wrong direction. A study released by the U.K. Met Office, Britain’s national weather service, found that one billion people could face heat stress, a potentially fatal combination of heat and humidity, if temperatures rise by two degrees Celsius.You can do your part to fight climate change by taking advantage of Carbonfund.org’s special Earth Month promotions. All throughout the month of April we are offering a tree planting match which means your generosity will have double the impact. Donations during April will go to plant trees in Kenya and Madagascar. Planting trees is significant because deforestation is responsible for about 11% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Protecting forests around the world is a critical step in combating global warming. Planting trees absorbs carbon dioxide, improves air & soil quality, preserves biodiversity, improves habitats and creates jobs.

Carbonfund.org Foundation is also offering special monthly rates on some of our most popular carbon offset options. We have vehicle offset, home offset, individual offset and a carbon offset for a family-of-four available at a special monthly price. If offset needs are different please see our regular list of carbon offset options. By purchasing a carbon offset you can support our industry-leading carbon reduction projects around the globe. Carbonfund.org has supported more than 240 projects renewable energy, forestry, energy efficiency, tree planting and water restoration projects in 28 countries and 42 American states.

Join Carbonfund.org during Earth Month to support our special tree planting match and monthly carbon offset options to help us fight for a better future. You can also be a leader in the fight against climate change by making a tax-deductible cash donation or through donating cryptocurrency. Do your part and help make this the most impactful Earth Month in history!

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