LightHawk, a leading provider of flight services for conservation efforts, celebrates its 15-year partnership with  Through this relationship, LightHawk has offset the carbon footprint from conservation flights, including all flights completed by the organization’s 350+ volunteer pilots as well as staff and board member travel in the course of LightHawk business. As an organization funded entirely by donations and grants, LightHawk’s commitment to offsetting carbon footprint represents just the beginning of a real commitment to climate conservation.

Over the past fifteen years, LightHawk’s annual operational emissions offsets have totaled over 2795 metric tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the same environmental impact as planting 46,215 trees ten years ago and allowing those trees to grow and sequester carbon dioxide emissions during that decade.

“LightHawk is grateful for its partnership with,” says Michele Rutledge, LightHawk’s CEO.  “As a nonprofit, the ability to work with a trusted partner to ensure our emissions are offset allows LightHawk staff to dedicate more time to planning missions to improve conservation efforts. The partnership LightHawk maintains with helps us accomplish our mission to save the Earth, one flight at a time.”

LightHawk partners with multiple organizations throughout North America and provides flights for scientists, experts and decision-makers related to conservation efforts. LightHawk operates from the belief that an aerial perspective can help scientists and decision-makers make the best decisions possible on environmental issues.

In addition to its 15-year partnership with, LightHawk’s dedication to protecting the environment is demonstrated through its partnerships and work on projects like restoring the Everglades, protection of the Colorado River, California Condor recovery efforts and many more.

The organization provides flight services to partner conservation organizations for a wide variety of conservation projects including easement monitoring, endangered species transport, fundraising efforts and educational flights for elected officials and agency leaders. These efforts help partners accomplish more with less expense, freeing up dollars to do more and further protect the environment.

LightHawk does its part to ensure a clean and safe environment for future generations. Offsetting their carbon footprint is an important aspect of their work and is part of the organizational culture. Its 100% remote staff and board have zero emissions for work commutes, seeks partnerships pursuing resilient conservation solutions, and offset emissions from any work-related travel or volunteer pilots through Together with their volunteer pilots and conservation partners, LightHawk is building a better tomorrow for Earth’s land, water, wildlife and climate.

To learn more about LightHawk and to support their work, visit their website at

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