Happy Earth Day! We felt today served as the perfect opportunity to share more information about our partnership with The True Gem (“True Gem”) and the progress made thus far. True Gem commits to creating beautiful yet sustainable jewelry that is made in Dallas, TX by local artisans of recycled metals and a variety of gemstones you can be proud to wear!

Being a people and planet over profit company, one of the top priorities of True Gem is to offset their carbon footprint and to eventually be able to offer carbon-neutral products.

“By partnering with Carbon Credit Capital (“CCC”), we will be able to create a more sustainable future by reducing emissions that put our economies and ecosystems at risk. We are both excited and honored to pioneer this much-needed change within the fine jewelry industry!” says Lynn Armstrong from True Gem. Olivia Fussell, CCC’s President and Managing Director, also stated that “We’re especially delighted to be partnered with True Gem because of their commitment to ensuring their products don’t simply enrich their customers’ beauty, but also our mother nature as well.”

Since publishing their 2021 initiatives earlier this year, True Gem has been hard at work measuring and assessing their carbon emissions under CCC’s guidance. Regarding their progress, so far, True Gem has tracked and calculated emissions in their manufacturing process, with the goal being to expand these efforts into each department until they have successfully calculated and offset every sector of True Gem’s carbon footprint including shipping, marketing, and more. To accurately assess True Gem’s carbon emissions, they have also invited the suppliers to join us by sharing how much kWh of energy is used on a monthly or yearly basis, as well as how much of their kWh usage is dedicated to servicing the company specifically.


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