The Purus Project is a forest conservation project protecting approximately 86,000 acres (34,702 hectares) of tropical rainforest in the State of Acre, Brazil. The Purus Project shall mitigate the release of nearly 900,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, while also preserving the habitat for an extraordinary amount of biodiversity and directly benefitting local communities.

The ultimate project activities are to undertake a forest carbon inventory, model regional deforestation and land-use patterns, and mitigate deforestation pressures by utilizing payments for the Project’s ecosystem services, along with ongoing monitoring of the climate, community and biodiversity impacts of the Project. Social projects and activities to mitigate deforestation pressures range from offering agricultural extension training courses to local communities and patrolling potential deforestation sites, to building an onsite health clinic and granting official land tenure to the local communities.

Thanks to a very generous donation from an environmentally conscious couple we were recently able to provide The Purus Project with a variety of medical and school supplies. We were also able to acquire new solar electrical systems and a dentist chair for the health clinic.


Three complete solar systems, including three-panels, along with all of the wiring, batteries and convertors, will be installed at the project headquarters and both schools. A dental chair will also be installed at the headquarters. Three complete computer systems, each with a monitor, modem, mouse, keyboard, printer and printer ink will be installed at the headquarters and both schools. School supplies, including 40 notebooks, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, markers, rulers, etc. were also donated. Athletic equipment, such as soccer balls and volleyballs, will also be provided to the program. Two rounds of medicine, including vitamins, fever medicine, pain medicine, medicine for high blood pressure, eye drops, and anti-worm medicine were purchased for the health clinic. Community supplies, including 20 machetes, 20 pairs of boots, and 10 planting tools were also provided to the program.

You can continue to make a difference by offsetting your carbon footprint, making a tax-deductible monetary donation or by giving cryptocurrency.



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